15ml Perfume Bottle

There are 8ml perfume glass bottle and 15ml perfume bottle. It looks a lot like lipstick, and is convenient to carry when you go out. It is also a refillable perfume bottle, We have black, white, and pink.

Black Perfume Bottles

Model Number: YF-PGB14

Capacity: 15ml,8ml

Color: Black, Pink, White, or Custom Color

Material: Glass Bottle +alumanium CAP

Shape: Round

Surface Handling: Screen Printing

The perfume filling bottle is to fill the perfume in the perfume container into the perfume filling bottle, which is convenient for people to carry.

15ml Perfume Glass bottle
Rotatable Perfume Spray Bottle

15ml Perfume Bottle Features

The portable 15ml perfume bottle includes a glass bottle body containing a perfume solution and a casing for accommodating the bottle body, and the bottle body and the casing are detachably connected. 

A spray device is also included, the spray device is detachably connected with the bottle body, and the perfume in the bottle can be sprayed out by pressing the spray head of the spray device.

The portable perfume bottle has a detachable connection between the bottle body and the shell. When the bottle body needs to be filled with perfume, the bottle body can be taken out from the shell and filled with the perfume through a filling valve.

15ml Perfume Spray Bottle
Perfume Spray Glass bottle

Perfume Bottles​ Supplier

Perfume will be placed in a container, such as a glass perfume bottle or other containers with a more artistic design. Clear glass bottles are the usual choice. Such perfume containers are well-designed and elegant in design.

We provide perfume glass bottles of various sizes and capacities for perfume manufacturers.

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