12ml Perfume Bottle

12ml Perfume Bottle has a rectangle shape, sealing type adopts pump sprayer. With gradient color, play a certain decorative effect. The colors of this perfume bottle are white, transparent, black, gold, purple, colored, etc.

12ml Perfume Bottle with Pump Sprayer

Model Number: YF-PGB08

Material: Glass+Plastic Cap

Capacity: 12ml

Shape: Rectangle

Sealing Type: PUMP SPRAYER

Surface Handling: Screen Printing

12ml Perfume Glass Bottle
Color Perfume Bottle

The 12ml perfume bottle comes in several different shades of gradient: purple-yellow gradient, red-purple gradient, purple-blue gradient, green-red gradient, blue-pink gradient, yellow-green gradient. It can be selected according to the mood and helps organize different scents.

12ml Perfume Bottle Features

  • Made of crystal white glass. Lead-free and environmentally friendly.
  • Small capacity: 12ml. Easy to carry.
  • UV glass screw cap.
  • Custom colors and packaging.
12ml Clear Perfume Glass Bottle
12ml Perfume Glass Bottles

The color glass perfume bottle is eye-catching and easy to find. The glass bottle mouth is designed with a screw top so that the bottle does not leak. The nozzle design is fine and the spray is uniform.

This colorful perfume bottle features refillable carved glass for a comfortable grip. These perfume bottles are small and portable and can easily fit in your pocket while traveling.

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