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How to Choose Custom Glass Candle Jars

Custom Glass Candle Jars (2)

We offer custom glass candle jars in a variety of styles. These charming and adorable candle holders are made of thick, sturdy glass, making them durable and unbreakable. The gold finish gives the glass candle jars a textured look, and the silver coating also makes them sparkle in the light. These custom glass candle jars … Read more

Colored Glass Candle Jars

Glass Candle Containers

The colored glass candle jars are the best containers for holding scented candles. We offer glass candle jars in various colors: red, orange, green, and blue. Stained empty glass jars can be used as decorations when the candles burn out. Model: YF-GCH05 Material: Glass Shape: Cylindrical Color: orange, pink, green, blue Size: D7*8.2cm, D7.5*5cm Request … Read more

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