Skull Double Wall Glass Cups

The skull double wall glass cups are made of high borosilicate glass, which has a crystal clear view and is very attractive. The realistic and detailed skull hangs inside the clear glass, making a lasting impression. Stylish and sophisticated double-glazed glass keeps coffee hot for longer.

Skull Glass Cups

Model Number: YF-DGC007

Capacity: 25ml,85ml, 140ml, 210ml

Color: Clear

Material: Borosilicate Glass

Shape: Skull Shape

Size: D4.7*5cm, D7*7cm, D8*8.5cm, D9*9.5cm

Skull Double Wall Coffee Glasses
Glass Skull Coffee Cups

We have skull shot glasses in 4 capacities, 25ml, 85ml, 140ml and 210ml. These double walled glasses are made of high borosilicate material and are resistant to high and low temperatures.

The shape of the crystal skull brings a different atmosphere, which is especially suitable as a Halloween gift and can be used in weddings, parties, and other scenes. They are suitable for cold and hot drinks, such as coffee, whiskey, brandy, beer, etc.

Skull Double Wall Glass Cups Features

Glass Skull Coffee Mugs
Glass Skull Mug
Double Wall Skull Glass
  • The skull glass adopts a double-layer shape, with the inner skull suspended in the outer transparent glass, which is novel and interesting.
  • The double-walled glass skull mug is innovative and perfect for a modern bar or trendy restaurant. The wine is presented in a detailed 3D skull shape inside the skull double wall glass cups.

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