Gold Cosmetic Packaging

The gold cosmetic packaging includes 40ml 100ml 120ml glass pump bottles and 50g 30g cosmetic jars with gold lids. These glass jars with gold lids can be used to portion out creams, lotions, skin care products, moisturizers, or other cosmetics.

Gold Glass Cosmetic Packaging

Model Number: YF-CBS04

Capacity: 30g, 50g, 40ml, 100ml, 120ml

Material: Glass

Color: Clear

Sealing Type: Screw

Custom: OEM & ODM

Gold Cosmetic Glass Bottles
Cosmetic Jars with Gold Lids

The glass bottle comes with a refillable pump that will not clog or leak. Glass bottles with pumps are perfect for lotions, serums, makeup, body wash, foundation, cleanser, eye cream, and more.

Cosmetic jars with gold lids are made of thick glass, durable, safe, and reusable. They are perfect for face creams, clay masks, eye creams, balms, blushes, salves, and other small items.

Gold Cosmetic Packaging Features

Cosmetic Bottle with Gold Lid
Cosmetic Glass Pump Bottles
Gold Cosmetic Bottle
  • The gold cosmetic packaging is made of high-quality glass material, which is beautiful and translucent.
  • The glass bottle mouth is equipped with a leak-proof screw cap to help effectively prevent liquid leakage.
  • The glass cream jar has a smooth surface, no sharp edges, and a wide-mouth design for easy storage.
  • These glass jars are designed with liners and screw-on lids that create a tight seal to prevent leaks. 

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