Clear Glass Cooking Pot

The Clear Glass Cooking Pot is made of high borosilicate heat-resistant glass that can withstand temperatures from 0°F to 400°F, durable and safe. This glass pot has a beautiful appearance and is equipped with a glass handle and a glass lid. You can monitor the cooking progress in all directions.

Clear Glass Cooking Pots Wholesale

Model Number: YF-GCP02

Capacity: 1.3L,1.5L, 2L

Raw Material: High borosilicate

Color: Clear

Size: 19*15.5cm, 21*16.5cm, 22*17cm

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Clear Glass Boiling Pot

We have three capacities of Best Borosilicate Glass Cookware to choose from: 1.3L, 1.5L, and 2L. Double handle design to prevent hot hands, and the comfortable grip makes it easy to pour out food.

The kitchen cooking pot is made of high borosilicate glass, which can withstand sudden heating and cooling, and can be used in gas stoves, refrigerators, microwave ovens, and stoves. Our clear glass pots are made of food-grade borosilicate heat-resistant glass, 100% lead-free, non-toxic, and healthier than stainless steel cooking sets.

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Clear Glass Cooking Pot with Lid Supplier

Transparent cooking pots are made of durable glass that locks in the flavor, heat, and moisture of your food. The glass lid has small holes to prevent water from overflowing, while keeping the cooktop clean.

Glass pans and pots can withstand sudden heat and cold without absorbing food smells or tastes or reacting with acid-based foods. The clear glass cooking pots with lids are ideal for cooking stews, soups, sauces, water-based recipes and making tea.

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