Colored Glass Bowls

These colored glass bowls with bases are made of borosilicate glass, they are safe for direct food contact and will not fade. These glass bowls and glass bases come in different colors and make great centerpieces on the dining table.

Colored Glass Bowl

Model Number: YF-GB02

Material: Glass

Color: Brown, Pink, Blue, Green

Shape: round

Size: 107*60mm

Colored Glass Fruit Bowl
Borosil Glass Bowls

The colored glass bowls are available in brown, blue, green, and pink. The glass bowls stack compactly and make plenty of room for other tableware in the kitchen cabinet. The colorful elements not only give the glass tableware a light and smart design aesthetic, but also suit the refreshing food color of delicious salads, which instantly whets the appetite.

Colored Glass Bowls Features

Blown Glass Bowl
Milk Glass Fruit Bowl
  • The glass bowl adopts a simple and modern design, features a round base for stable placement.
  • These glass soup bowls are designed with a space-saving style and smooth rounded edges. Durable material resists moisture absorption.
  • The glass bowl is uniform in thickness, very soft in color, exquisite in workmanship, simple and charming.
  • The glass container combines different fashion elements to present a distinctive style.
  • These colored glass bowls can be used to serve candy, nuts, desserts, ice cream, and dishes to guests at home. 

Colored Glass Bowls Wholesale

Glass Salad Bowls
Round Glass Bowls

Yafu Glass is a professional glassware manufacturer, we offer wholesale colored glass bowls and glass spoons in different shapes and sizes. The borosilicate glass fruit bowls are very attractive and can be used to hold instant noodles, soup, and fruit.

Borosilicate glass adds boron, silicon, and other elements during the production process, and through special processes, the glass can withstand large temperature differences, and it will not burst when it is cold or hot, so it is very safe.

With the rise of light foodism, many food lovers prefer to eat salad more and more. Serve salad in a glass bowl to add a good mood to your meal. Glassware has smooth walls, rounded edges, and a comfortable hand feel.

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